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  1. use this its working with ci+ https://minisatip.org/forum/viewtopic.php?f=5&t=419
  2. is it astra support powervu from 0,8w discovery chanells ? please if some one have that info please reply regards
  3. minisatip Server with cesbo

    this IDEA working !!! and working with CI+ CAM V 1.3
  4. OSCAM & PowerVU

    how you mine use oscam + multics ? please explain
  5. OSCAM & PowerVU

    hi is it astra work with powervu on thor 0,8w ? please any info
  6. DVB-T2 CI+ modul supoort

    hi to all !! i need help with CI+ modul and tuner is it some card like tbs or digital device or some other working with CI+ MODULS ?? i have digital device octopus dual ci v4.1 and got this log when start astra May 07 09:36:39 [Discovery i/1] PMT pnr:3111 version:1 May 07 09:36:39 [Discovery i/1] PMT descriptor:0x650102 May 07 09:36:39 [Discovery i/1] PCR pid:3091 May 07 09:36:39 [Discovery i/1] AIT pid:3003 type:0x05 May 07 09:36:39 [Discovery i/1] AIT descriptor:0x6F030010E6 May 07 09:36:39 [Discovery i/1] VIDEO pid:3091 type:0x1B May 07 09:36:39 [Discovery i/1] AUDIO pid:3092 type:0x11 May 07 09:36:39 [Discovery i/1] AUDIO descriptor:0x1C0150 May 07 09:36:39 [Discovery i/1] AUDIO lang:XXX May 07 09:36:39 [Discovery i/1] AUDIO descriptor:0x7C026000 May 07 09:36:39 [Discovery i/1] PMT crc32:0xDF7E70C5 May 07 09:36:40 [dvb_ca 2:0] CA Module XXXX modul. 0x01 0x4A60 0x0001 May 07 09:36:41 [Discovery] Channel has no active inputs May 07 09:36:42 [dvb_ca 2:0] CA Module CAID:0x069B (session 0:3) May 07 09:36:43 [dvb_ca 2:0] MMI: Menu May 07 09:36:43 [dvb_ca 2:0] MMI: Title: Poruka o pogreski May 07 09:36:43 [dvb_ca 2:0] MMI: Subtitle: May 07 09:36:43 [dvb_ca 2:0] MMI: Choice #0: Return May 07 09:36:43 [dvb_ca 2:0] MMI: Choice #1: The module is reserved for CI+ use only. May 07 09:36:43 [dvb_ca 2:0] MMI: Bottom: Pritisnite Ok ili Exit za odustajanje May 07 09:36:43 [dvb_ca 2:0] MMI: Select #0 not starting decode chanells , is there some patch or plugin like for TBS 6991se WICH WORKING with CI+ is it someone try TBS 6290 dvb-t2 WITH ci+ MODULS ?
  7. DVB-T2 CI+ modul supoort

    dvb-s2 ci+ work i need dvb-t2 ci+ !!
  8. DVB-T2 CI+ modul supoort

    hmm i have tbs 6991SE work WITH ci+ I HAVE THIS CARD AND CI+ MODUL WORKING !!!
  9. GeForce GTX 1080 vs NVIDIA GRID M40

    we have our transcoder panel for GPU & CPU transcoding wich its now start for sale !!! its call " STRADMIN " ONLINE Transcoding Panel its support all tipe off gpu transcoding DVB-S2 / DVB-T2 / DVB-C - SUBTITLE - SECURITY pm. me for moore information !!
  10. GeForce GTX 1080 vs NVIDIA GRID M40

    trust me its worth , last drivers work excelent !!!! gpu ram memory its very low now
  11. GeForce GTX 1080 vs NVIDIA GRID M40

    frend thats working with last drivers this is same pach libnvidia-encode.so.384.81_patched just renamed to libnvidia-encode.so.1 and this patch make use with any drivers like you make see on mine picture its working with last ... and this patch not must bee like other libery from last drivers its universall for all
  12. GeForce GTX 1080 vs NVIDIA GRID M40

    1 . download this last drivers from here ; https://download.nvidia.com/XFree86/Linux-x86_64/390.12/ 2. install drivers 3 . check is it loaded ; nvidia-smi 4. then go in directory ; /usr/lib/x86_64-linux-gnu 5. reneme file libnvidia-encode.so.1 to libnvidia-encode.so.1_old ( make see on mine picture ) 6. then download new file libnvidia-encode.so.1 and put in this direcory 7 and thats it / must work 8. here is my pached file and its work with this drivers and all gtx cards and last drivers libnvidia-encode.so.1
  13. GeForce GTX 1080 vs NVIDIA GRID M40

    patch working with all drivers and cards , just must bee instered to right place here is a latest drivers and patch working
  14. gpu transcoding problem with dvb-c & dvb-t

    problem solved !!! must use mpeg2_cuvid for transcoding ...
  15. hi guys i need help !! am try decode with gpu nvidia cards signal from dvb-c and dvb-t but not sucess ?? only want transcode HD chanells from dvb-c am try sd chanells from dvb-t but not working why and how to make work if somenone have same problem before regards
  16. hy guys Am create own channell with astra how ? - am add transcoded movie on input like matres.ts and this working great now i want add more movies like input on same stream , like 5-10 diferent movies on same stream to change one by one BUTT !!!!! when last play all stop beacuse if i put loop on any movie its play only that movie is is possible to play 1,2,3,4,5,6 and agen start from 1..... without stoping now am use this order file:///etc/astra/money.ts#loop&buffer_size=1 thanks
  17. create own .ts channel and striming question ?

    i want streams diferent movies and need script for this please if someone have please send regards
  18. create own .ts channel and striming question ?

    this all configs its for astra 4.0 not supported for now one like 5.61 and newer ? please any have script for latest astra for playlist.ts
  19. create own .ts channel and striming question ?

    am not understud where to put this script and what is a working script please help
  20. sly de AUDIO desynchronisation

    Hello to all !!!! i have problems with audio on sly de chanells , AUDIO after 3 and moore hours start bee faster then VIDEO am use xtream transcoder and astra 5.61 any sugestion please regards
  21. sly de AUDIO desynchronisation

    thanks frend this is help now all working ok SOLVED With this " -dts_delta_threshold 1000 " in XTREAM CODECS
  22. sly de AUDIO desynchronisation

    where to put this ??