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  1. Which solution is better for trancode h265? is there any transcode server with GPU based outer TBS They have got TBS8520 but the price is really high.
  2. for example what's new
  3. I couldn't fix the problem and gave up the nginx ffmpeg transcode
  4. Türksat yayınları hakında

    Astra bir panel değil uydu yayınları raw alabileceğiniz bir uygulama daha sonrasında yayınları transcode etmeniz gerekiyor
  5. viaaccess streams

    Dear all, I would like to stream some channels which with viaacess. can I enter viaaccess key on astra or should I buy card reader+card? Could you please inform me about the system?
  6. test any stream

    I have a problem with a spesific channel. When I transcode it the transcode panel makes always give an error but the source seems healthy. How I can check amy channel for errors?
  7. dear all, I am looking for a correct parameters to test any stream if stream healthy or not. Sometimes the picture is loosing or sound. Sometimes it makes noise&artifacts and any ffmpeg command would be fine to find problematic streams.
  8. Stalker middleware integration!

    create a channel list from where?

    nice panel is really good and price is ok but the support is a bit weak

    it seems really good. I will try it. Thanks
  11. Dear all, I was using Stalker 5.2.0 with XC v2 and I moved to another VPS and installed 5.3.0 (Ministra) my line (stalker line) doesn't work with Ministra. I am looking for the logs and according the logs I see always "Stalker key expired" error. any idea?

    I tried many times ffmpeg+nginx rtmp but without any panel software very difficult to manage. If you have any solution you can contact me. We are using xtream because there is no any alternative in this sector.
  13. Sample Output HLS/HTTP

    Could you please make an sample output conf. I am using astra port 8070 if I write 8070 as port astra crashing
  14. Stream stability problem

    Dear all, I am using cesbo on my server and sending the streams to flussonic and xtream panel. In flussonic some of the streams gives error. Flussonic team checked the error and informed me that the streams not coming sometimes (or transfer problems) and I live simular problems in xtream codes. my moi pro amd 2x 1Gbit ethernet and I am sharing the duty. I have only 8-9 HD and 15-20 SD channels. I don't live same problem on same machine but different iptv streamer programs. What is wrong? edit: I think it related server issue. You can delete it
  15. Pasha 49 astra_monitor

    Hi all, support this app also English?