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  1. Astra Web Interface

    https://cesbo.com/download/astra/ui/5.64-test/ Hi, How i can use the user interface and where i can put the files please ? Regards
  2. Hi,


    can you help me to install mosaic and monitor web for astra 4.4.182 free version please ?

  3. Network Push Server

    Kindly as below what is the NP server and how I can configure it on Ubuntu server please ? Network Push Network Push is an HTTP-based media streaming protocol. It works by transmitting data from client to the server. For example, used to transmit streams to the transcoding cloud. Network Push available for Output only. np://[login:password@]address[:port][/path] login:password — login and password for http authentication, basic or digest. For Input only address — server IPv4 address or domain port — port number. Default value: 80 path — path to the resource. Default value: / Additional options for Output: sctp — use SCTP instead of TCP Examples: np://media.example.com/channel-id
  4. redundancy multiple inputs

    Hi, I used multiple inputs as redundancy but if channels scrambled i need ti switch to another source directly. and what is the requirements for server re streaning about 800 Megabit multicast and re streaming multicast for about 150 Channel? Regards Regards