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  1. Astra output doubt

    I have a question, I tried to set up a new stream that comes from an hdmi encoder. it worked, but I was not sure if I had to fill the field (output list). Also I would like to know if there is any panel so that I have users added independently from the astra so I do not have to give access directly to the main astra port. I apologize for the poor English writing
  2. ffmpeg command line astra

    Hello I recently bought an astra license and am trying to get the channels that come out http or hls from astra and convert using ffmpeg. Anyone would know command line to change resolution and export as http so I use in xtream codes or even rtp same ? by the way which best protocol for locally streamming ? ?http,hls or udp? thank you
  3. input quality

    but can astra transcode ? thx
  4. input quality

    Hi, good afternoon, I bought a license from astra and I would like to know if it is possible to receive dvb-c channels and to decrease their quality in the input. because I'm sending the channels from astra to xtream, but encoding in h264 is consuming a lot of processing. thank you!
  5. tbs 6985

    Hello guys, i would like to know how many channels can i use at same time without problems and freezes per input ? i have tbs6985. thanks
  6. max channels per dvb input

    Good afternoon everyone, first, sorry about my english ! I would like to humbly ask you for help, I am new here, I generated a test license because I intend to buy the astra license! i think this is wonderful tool! my doubt is the following, I realized that when scanning a full tp, it is not possible to receive all channels of this tp in a stable way at the same time without the generate times of the oscam being very high (about 7000ms). So I decided to decrease the number of channels from 26 to 8 and now everything is ok! I would like to know how many channels you guys usually set for each dvb input. .... by the way im using tbs 6985, ubuntu 1404. thanks