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  1. LUA script: start/stop calls

    Hi, I really need help... please!
  2. minisatip Server with cesbo

    And, how you do it?
  3. LUA script: start/stop calls

    Hi, I still need help! Cesbo Astra has support for on-demand outputs. With these outputs the input is only consumed (readed) when the output is active. However, if I like to use some external tool for processing the input TS (for example, for transcoding; but not only for this), then this processing is executed everytime. My objective is to execute it only when the output is active. Any ideas? Thank you.
  4. LUA script: start/stop calls

    Hi, Is my request impossible?
  5. LUA script: start/stop calls

    Hi, I don't know how to call an external program when a channel is started/stopped. See this example: make_channel({ name = "channel", input = { "udp://", }, output = { "", }, }) The objective is to call to one external script when the input starts to consume, and call to another external script when the input is closed. This has sense because the outuput is "on demand". Any idea? Thank you!
  6. OUTPUT with NULL padding

    Hi, I discovered that using any output (UDP, HTTP, etc.) Astra is filtering all padding packets (NULL, 0x1FFF). In general this is ok. However, when using CBR streams this can be a problem if you like to maintain the PCR marks. This is true even when you add the "#no_analyze" option in the input. So, I suggest to add one option, for example "#with_padding" to outputs to not filter at all null packets. You agree? Regards.
  7. SRT protocol

    In any case, the SRT works great with any TS stream over UDP. I feel it will be interesting to add support for this protocol using the official library+API. A lot of other tools are adding support for it. Regards.
  8. SM WinDVB Test Build

    Hi, Please, can you compile a recent staging version? Thank you!
  9. Astra 4.4.182 (free) capabilities

    Thank you! The mptsd seems to have all the basic functionality that I need.
  10. Astra 4.4.182 (free) capabilities

    Thank you for the response! So, as I need to have this functionality in one Open Source project: you know about some project that has this capability? That is, create a valid DVB MPTS stream from multiple SPTS inputs and rewrite the PSI tables. Regards.
  11. Astra 4.4.182 (free) capabilities

    Hi, I like to know if the free version (4.4.182) has the capability of create one MPTS with multiple input channels. For example with the "make_mpts" command. Thank you!
  12. SRT protocol

    Hi, SRT is not RTX. No one, as I know, has implemented RTX at any time. SRT targets Jitter troubles and Lost packets. I do some tests using the stransmit tool, and I feel it's a great protocol, so I hope someday Astra Cesbo will support it. Regards.
  13. SRT protocol

    Hi, No one interested on incorporate this protocol to ASTRA? Wowza has already implemented it: https://www.wowza.com/news/wowza-announces-srt-support-in-wowza-streaming-engine https://www.wowza.com/products/capabilities/SRT-secure-reliable-transport I like to use this protocol for a reliable transport over the Internet between two Astra intances. So, I hope to see support for it soon. Regards.
  14. astre + ProMPEG FEC

    Hi, If you need some source for ProMPEG FEC send function, you can reuse the code inside the FFMPEG project. It's quite simple, and I'm using it for sending a RTP stream with FEC from FFMPEG to a hardware Transcoder. It really works! Regards.
  15. SRT protocol

    OK. And I mean on going because is not already in the mainstream. However, it will be soon. My request, it's for Cesbo ASTRA. And as the API it's quite easy to use, I feel it can be not very complex to add support for it. More or less it's like the integration of SCTP in the HTTP transport sometime ago. The idea now for SRT should be use the source of the UDP interface and add the additions. The source of the FFmpeg can be a good example. In any case, when properly configured this protocol it's very robust for a Point-to-Point continous streaming over general pourpose IP networks. Even with not fully reliable links or lack of QoS.