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  1. Astra automatically change Frequency

    Hello, Thanks for help. I try, but same...
  2. Astra automatically change Frequency

    there is not payed service for configuring ...?
  3. Astra automatically change Frequency

    Also i have problem with DVB-T2 try to scan but don't receiving channels. using TBS6205 DVB-T2/T/C Quad TV Tuner PCIe Card
  4. Astra automatically change Frequency

    sorry im newbie in Astra, and cant find right option ...
  5. Astra automatically change Frequency

    Thanks Hack for your answer. I cant find how to enable debug mode...
  6. Hello, Using Netup DVB s/S2 card with 2 transponder. When i write frequency which i wan to receive, for example 12283 Mhz and Press SCAN, i getting channels from another transponder 12437.
  7. Hello, Using Astra demo version for tests. Using 2 DVB-s2 and 1 DVB-t2 cards. But streaming just 5 HD channels from 1 transponder and after 20-30 min, server goes down, and after "service astra restart" it comes alive again.
  8. IPTV

    Hello, You need CDN (Content Distribution Network) provider. On which region you need to distribute your channels?