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  1. Astra HLS and Video JS

    Andrey , i test with hls.js and is the same. below is output error The video could not be loaded, either because the server or network failed or because the format is not supported i tested directly http://video-dev.github.io/hls.js/demo Regards
  2. Astra HLS and Video JS

    Hi Andrey Did you test again, becouse if you see the logs in my last post, it has a problem that the stream has a status of segments undefined So if you need any test from our part, we are ready Regards
  3. Astra HLS and Video JS

    thanks for your reply I am useing the same version Jul 07 16:24:30: INFO: [main] Starting Astra v.5.63-rc1 In the chrome browser when i do inspect , i get the following errors videojs-contrib-hls.js:6255 Uncaught InvalidStateError: MediaSource.addSeekableRange() can only be invoked when the duration is Infinity 2videojs-contrib-hls.js:7129 Uncaught TypeError: Cannot read property 'segments' of undefined
  4. Astra HLS and Video JS

    Andrey any solution ?
  5. Astra HLS and Video JS

    HI Andrey e all First i want to congratulate for all the job that you do with these fantastic software I use astra since 3 years and now i am testing the HLS output that work great, but i found a big problem when i need to publish the stream online For the streams in the wev we use Video JS. Yesterday i was configure a HLS stream from Astra, but i can`t play in Video JS. When i do from NGINX, the HLS on the Video JS is playing very good. Any idea? P.S I try these stream to play online from other HLS Test page, but dosn`t work Best Regards