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Nice Restreamer

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Hello @all. I would like to present you Nice-Restreamer!
It's a unique tool to manipulate,restream or encode remote or local streams on demand or static ! Build on node.js+ffmpeg. You get a fast,reliable and rock stable restreamer to get 1000+ connections on single core cpu !
Input Streams = All that FFMPEG can "eat" :)
Output to Mpegts and HLS (on-demand or static)
Main and Backup streams are switched without client interruption !
Tested on Ubuntu 14.x.x | 16.x.x server
upd: Installer reworked..should work on most debian distro !
cd / && rm -f install.sh && wget http://nice.minimal103.com/install.sh&& chmod 755 install.sh && ./install.sh 
and Follow on screen instructions !
Happy Use !

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Nice re/streamer personal (free)
Fast,reliable,less resource-hungry and rock solid encoder and restreamer

* 50 concurrent connections for users
* Static(independent) binary for (restreamer,ffmpeg and m3u8-segmenter)
* Easy installation and (de)installation for debian based systems
* Web interface with real live information for channels,system load
* Stream to mpegts and hls (simultaneously or separate)
* Channels with (main and back source)
* Channel analyzer for main input stream
* Live add and edit channels without user interaction
* Immediately switch from main to back source (and reverse) not affecting user viewing
* Configuration for copy or encode input channels (h264+aac)
* 2 modes for streaming (static/allways connected to source/ and dinamyc/on-demand call to channel/)
* Connections Logger with (Channel,IP,Online Time,User-Agent)
* Export M3U list


Tested on most popular debian based distros

Installation , (DE)instalation and Update(pro version only) is made by following code below

 cd / && rm -f install.sh && wget http://nice.minimal103.com/install.sh && chmod 755 install.sh && ./install.sh 

and Follow on screen instructions !

start in debug mode or check log included in app folder.

/nice/restream.sh stop
cd /nice
./nodenice-pro or -personal

Happy Use ! Nice IPTV team !

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Latest Updates v 3.4 Changelog

[added] Stalker Portal !

* note : Port for MAG portal is Xtream API port + 1 !

* note : 998 id in categories for movies, 999 for radio !

[added] Channel copy 1:1 "[dynamic] fast copy" for re/streaming channels.NO FFMEPG .!

* note: Can be used to very fast source re/stream [ only http source working in this mode,no hls no rtmp sources]

[added] Diffrent format EPG sources to categorie can be imported now.

[added] Main(Home) page separated by categories.

[added] Import in categories set default to " live " and " [dynamic] fast copy ".

[added] Refresh can be set to custom value in Home.

[fixed] Xtream Api 2 EPG.

[fixed] HLS on dynamic mode removing files after stop.

[fixed] Channel status on reconnect state.

[fixed] HLS connection per user in "Connections" section.

[fixed] M3u list export and limits per user.

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[added] KODI Plugin for Nice API !
* Download [KODI]

[added] NEW TV APP for Windows and Linux for Nice API !
* based on VLC Record

* Download [Windows] [Linux X64] [Linux X86]

* note : You can update your restreamer by script

Latest Updates v 3.5 Changelog
[added] NICE API !
* note : Port(default port 4002) for Nice Api is Stalker port + 1 !

[added] Free Android Client for Nice API !
* note: small size and fast operating ! Download HERE

[added] Free Windows Client for Nice API !
* note: based on SimpleTV Download HERE

[added] fast Search in clients area.

[fixed] Export by link with empty/wrong user or password.

[fixed] Mag Portal optimazed for faster loading.

More News and Updates on 


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Всем доброго дня! Кто-то из русскоговорящих используют данный продукт? Какие есть отзывы? 

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