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Astra + Oscam + TBS card with CI+ modul

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Thank you for answer. Yes, i know it supported oscam and CI.


My CI+ is on same PC wher is oscam and astra. So, now is default : descremble 2 channles by this CI with astra.

I need help to share this CI on Oscam and try to unscremble more then 2 channels.


So i need maybe config file like exemple to make seeting for oscam and my CI module to read it.  Or Some expert to help .

I was try with newcamd to connect, but can't read it anyting. Some conifg i think is not good....

Also, in reader i don't know wath device i must to chose from pictures in attach.


Thank you for answer.



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No, no and no. CI+ does not work at all. 

The people who claim they have CI+ modules work, have modules what will work in legacy mode, where the modules does some decryption in a CI Slot without a CI+ Certificate, mainly non-paytv or sd-programs, but that's soley at the discretion of the provider, and even if it works today, they can switch it off at any time. Also, the reader on the tbs Board does not allow you to work with it using oscam. You need octoplus dual ci. But it will only work with CI



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