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Astra Web Interface

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Ubuntu 14.04....не могу запустит Web Interface

После команда systemctl start astra  есть сообщение "command not found"


 astra init
Initializing Astra v.5.64 [commit:dd7d82b0 date:2018-11-26]
sh: 1: systemctl: not found
Error: failed to reload systemd [32512]
Astra is ready to use. Service name: astra
Default options:
         Config file: /etc/astra/astra.conf
            Log file: /var/log/astra.log
        Control port: 8000
Process control:
               Start: systemctl start astra
                Stop: systemctl stop astra
     Turn autorun on: systemctl enable astra
    Turn autorun off: systemctl disable astra


Как можно решить ето?


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