Nov 2018

26 Nov 2018 (5.64)

- HTTP Server: ignore double slash and single dot in url (for example http://server:8000//playlist.m3u8)

22 Nov 2018 (5.64)

- HbbTV: drop original AIT stream if "HbbTV URL" defined
- HTTP Output: HTTP headers for CORS
- HTTP Output: fix crash on apply stream changes with disabled sessions
- HLS Output: any name for index file
- HLS Output: relative full path in the .m3u8 (for example /play/a001/segment.ts instead of segment.ts)
- HLS Output: absolute path in the .m3u8 if Hostname defined in the Settings -> HLS
- UDP Output: optional multithreading and options in Settings -> General
- HTTP Input: default buffer_time=3
- File Input: better for large files
- PID Filter: fix filter for CAS descriptors (dropped descriptors with duplicated PIDs)
- Simulcrypt: fix long ECM packets and muxing of the PSI response into TS packages
- Simulcrypt: hack for DGCrypt and CTI (stream_id started from 1)
- DVB Input: fix crash on scan with DDCI
- DDCI: fix ddci in the input options
- integration with systemd for easy installation
- XMLTV import for middleware

Built-in HTTP/HLS Authentication:
- black/white IP lists
- stalker/ministra authentication
- user authentication: token, login+password, ip, mac (for middleware)
- user restrictions: date, connections limit, packages

- { "cmd": "get-user", "id": "login" } - get user config
- { "cmd": "check-stream", "id": "a001", "status": true } - get stream status
- { "cmd": "set-license", "license": "xxx" } - set serial number

- Save changes into config file with delay
- Settings -> Groups: crash on removing group
- Settings -> License: more license information and set serial number
- License notifications
- Restart on apply changes in: Settings -> General, Settings -> HTTP Play, Settings -> HLS
- Dashboard: order streams by LCN
- Dashboard: refresh stream status (the on demand streams becomes Inactive if no one watch it)
- Advanced options for MPTS stream:
    - Pass NIT/SDT/EIT/TDT - pass tables generated by external systems (cherryepg for example)
    - PAT/NIT/CAT/SDT version - custom version for tables
- Sessions: total value on top of list
- Adapter settings: group adapter in the Adapter list - Available/Taken

Aug 2018

31 Aug 2018 (5.64)

- np_output: reconnect on client buffer overflow (transmitting rate less than stream rate)
- dvb_input: send Ok code to MMI menu by default
- dvb_input: fix DVB-S2 multistream
- http_input: crash on reconnect in some cases

Jul 2018

30 Jul 2018 (5.64)

- simulcrypt: super_cas_id, channel_id, stream_id in error messages
- simulcrypt: allow 0 for channel_id and stream_id
- pid-mux: failure if donor-stream has errors
- web: fix dvb signal status in scan

23 Jul 2018 (5.64)

- udp_input: crash on restart input after the receiving error

19 Jul 2018 (5.64)

- web: fix (not works if port 80). deployed
- simulcrypt: big ECM packets

18 Jul 2018 (5.64)

- simulcrypt: option EMM Clone - duplicates EMM packets for all streams with same CAS
- web: option to disable/enable servers: Settings -> Servers -> Enable
- web: app option --no-web-auth to disable authorisation to the web interface (admin access without password)
- reserve: removed option backup_force_return, now enabled by the default. if all inputs inactive (all inputs not work), then astra switch to any active input immediately, without delay
- pid-mux: an input option to append any PID into the input. for example append audio stream into the RTSP stream from cameras. the donor stream should be in udp. example usage: rtsp://
  where - is UDP stream (same as UDP-input, but without udp:// prefix),
  304 - is PID from this UDP stream

05 Jul 2018 (5.64)

- watchdog: unexpected exit with custom watchdog value

03 Jul 2018 (5.64)

- web: allow access to web interface with remote config (astra -c http://... -p 8000)
- slave mode: adapters and channels keep inactive while master process is alive. for example:
  astra -c /etc/astra/astra.conf -p 8000 --slave

Jun 2018

26 Jun 2018 (5.64)

- file_input: fix loop with small files

22 Jun 2018 (5.64)

- web: fix for API debug messages
- file_input: fix loop
- http_input: fix seg.fault on HTTP error

21 Jun 2018 (5.64)

- demux: skip TS packets with transport_error_indicator
- http_input: fix HTTP redirect for HLS streams
- simulcrypt: improve compatibility with Irdeto
- simulcrypt: fix long EMM packets
- simulcrypt: fix CC error for ECM/EMM packets
- mpegts/sync: "pcr out of range" to debug messages
- file_input: fix loop
- web: option to login without authentication

Apr 2018

23 Apr 2018 (5.64)

- dvb_input: fix stream_id option (multi plp on dvb-t2)
- simulcrypt: do not scramble stream while ECMG is not ready
- simulcrypt: fix reconnect to ECMG server
- simulcrypt: do not update CW and ECM if ECMG is not available
- analyze: do not mark stream as scrambled if no PES-errors
  (some streams have a scrambled bit but actually not scrambled)
- watchdog: increase watchdog delay for http_input if buffer_time
  option used 

11 Apr 2018 (5.64)

- fix 32bit version
- http_input: disable persistent connections by default (option no_keep_alive
  not needed)
- http_input, rtsp_input, udp_input: watchdog option, in seconds, time before
  restart an input.

06 Apr 2018 (5.64)

- http_input, rtsp_input, udp_input: watchdog. restart stream on receiving timeout
- segmentation fault on analyzing corrupted streams (on bad weather for example)
- web: fix user login in sessions list (empty in some cases)
- web: refresh browser cache on version change

Feb 2018

26 Feb 2018 (5.64)

- mpts: "LCN Version" instead of "Private Data Specifier Descriptor"
- core: cache information about network interfaces (prevents CC errors on web reload)

22 Feb 2018 (5.64)

- t2mi: option t2mi_pid
- it950x-output: DVB-T modulator by
- mpts: "Private Data Specifier Descriptor" in NIT options (for Nordic LCN)
- interface: in mpts options renamed tabs: Service to SDT, Delivery to NIT
- interface: fix CC errors on interface opening

08 Feb 2018 (5.64)

- interface: asks to change default password on first launch
- interface: remove leading and trailing spaces in input/output address
- interface: don't load log archive. in log only new messages
- make_mpts: crash on use make_mpts function in lua-script
- mpts: automatically increment PAT/CAT/NIT/SDT versions on save changes
- api: ignore EIT on scan
- hls: change default segment options: quantity:6 duration:5
- dvb: option "mxl5xx_snr" to scale SNR value for MaxS8.
       in the web "Advanced" -> "Scale DD MaxS8 SNR"

Jan 2018

28 Jan 2018 (5.64)

- Simulcrypt: fix reconnect to ECMG on "response timeout"
- Simulcrypt: reconnect delay and message to the log
- Web interface: clone button for Settings -> CAS
- Timer: fix bug. false call in some cases (not in time)

23 Jan 2018 (5.64)

- Input: option "order" fix
- Input: option "lang" with option "map" fix
- Web interface: fix Settings -> Softcam -> Streams
- Input: option "filter_em=PID-list" drop ECM/EMM packets with defined PID

22 Jan 2018 (5.64)

- HTTP-Input: fix Basic-authentication (send Basic header on first request)
- DNS: ignore /etc/hosts
- Web interface: move groups in category (Settings -> Groups)
- Web interface: write to log failed login attempts

10 Jan 2018 (5.64)

- RTSP-Input: send GET_PARAMETER request each 30 seconds to keep
  connection active
- RTSP-Input: restart stream on stop receiving
- Playlist: sort alphabetically or by the channel number
- Input: option "order=PID-list". arrange PMT table.
  read more:
- Input: option "lang.PID=CODE". setup language code for elementary stream.
  read more:
- EPG Export: content_descriptor


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